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Special pizza. Deserves special preparation. (Vector2)
Frozen pizza baking instructions
Frozen pizza baking instructions

Unpack the pizza and allow it to defrost properly. For best results, let it stand for at least 30–45 minutes.


While the pizza defrosts, fully preheat the oven to 250°C. If your oven can be made even hotter, go ahead and turn up the dial.


Place your pizza on the rack—not a baking tray—in the middle of the oven. Always only bake one pizza at a time, not two.

Due to the high temperature, don’t use any baking paper. Bake the pizza for about 6–10 minutes using top/bottom heat. That’s a whole lot faster than most frozen pizzas.

Your pizza is ready when the edge of the crust turns golden brown. If in doubt, it’s better to over- rather than undercook. Just take care not to let the cheese burn too much.